Juicer or Blender

juicer-blenderWell two great tools for today’s healthy kitchen, let’s start by telling you what each machine does. A blender is a standard piece of kitchen mixing equipment, for the raw foodist this is what you use to make delicious meal-in-a-glass smoothies!

A blender is simply a mixing jug with a rotary blade at the bottom; whatever you put in the top gets liquidized and turned into a drink! So for example you may throw in a banana, some soy milk, some strawberries and a few ice cubes and you’ll have a delicious and easy to digest fruit smoothie, no waste, and no fuss and just swill out the blender jug when you are done. Simple!

The beauty of smoothie making is that there is no waste product, everything is used up in the drink, your ingredients are liquidized and made very easy to digest, just think of those lazy summer days with a tall banana smoothie in your hand and the sun’s rays on your face perfect!!

Blenders also make short work of adding super foods and other drink enhancers to your smoothie; you could whip in barley grass powder, protein powder, ginseng, or any other healthy liquid or powdered supplement!

Buy a decent blender and you can make super easy to digest nutritious smoothies every day!

Ingredients suitable for blending:

  1. Banana, Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry soft pulpy fruits!
  2. Juice from your juicer
  3. Nuts
  4. Seeds
  5. Kiwi fruit (peeled), Berries, Star fruit, passion fruit, avocado, grapes,
  6. Orange and other citrus (peeled of course)
  7. Super food
  8. Greens complexes, powdered barley grass etc.
  9. Protein powder! Go beefcake!
  10. Seed oil, essential fats etc
  11. Ice, ice baby, let’s face it you want your smoothie cool, after all anything less than the best is a felony!
  12. Leafy greens I often make a point of chucking in a handful of spinach

Now your juicer is like a key!! It’s a key for taking all of Mother Nature’s natural fare and unlocking the raw liquid goodness from within!! Grab a carrot! Now look at that carrot and imagine inside it is charged with all the stuff you need, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and live

Nutrients for life!!!

Now your juicer allows you to take a handful of nature’s finest foods and separate the rough, tough, and hard to break down body of the fruit or veg from the pure liquid gold nutrient content within! If you were to take that carrot now and run it through a juicer now you would have two things, one, a small mound of bland dry pulp, and two, a glass of nutritional LIQUID GOLD!!! This is what the juicer does! It unlocks the natural raw power of fruits and veggies and gives them to you in a way that your body can fully and easily absorb!

Your juicer can give you a lifetime of service providing you with the best dietary supplement of all natural living juice!

Now there are obviously different types of juicer with differing capabilities so this gives you a good idea of which type of machine does what.

How to select a good TV Unit

How-to-select-a-good-TV-UnitIt might look easy at the first instance to select a TV Unit but on further thoughts you will realise that there are many factors that need to be taken into account before buying one.

What should be the size of the unit that I should purchase?
How strong is the unit and will it be able to hold the TV weight?
What about the storage of Blu-ray Disks and other items that need to be placed?
Will it be good to mount the TV on the wall instead of buy a unit?

Usually we always buy the Television first and then decide on where and how it should be placed. This is what I did and then decided to take into account all the possible questions relating to TV unit and get the right answer. And finally came up with a decision on which TV unit I really need to purchase.

The most common question is “What is the size of the TV?”. If you have already purchased the TV, then getting the right size should not be a problem. Else you can always look online and get the size and other details of the television that you plan to buy. Apart from the size of the TV the next important aspect to look into is the weight. You will have to be sure that the TV unit will be able to hold up the weight of the TV. Every TV unit today has specifications and you can easily match it with your TV physical specifications.

Secondly you will have to decide on storage and shelves. Nowadays there are numerous designs and options like drawers, cabinets and open or glass covered shelves. An open shelf with or without glass cover is good if you have many things to place as this will make it look full. But if you do not have many items to store, then the best option would be one with cabinets or drawers as this will be always be closed and will not make the shelves look empty. Shelves are generally good if you have a good collection of DVD, Blu-ray Disk and video game Disks. These can be well placed and can act like decoration on the shelves. The price factor come in with the design and the selection of storage. I remember that when I was looking for a TV unit for my living room, I came across a very good piece at Overstock.com, but the price was a bit more than my budget. Lucky for me that I got a $50 off coupon for Overstock.com from here and I could buy the TV unit and the $50 discount brought the price well within my budget.

A TV unit is supposed to be the main attraction in a room. This should be matching well with the other furniture’s. The color is the primary area where one need to concentrate on matching. It will be a very boring piece of a furniture if it does not match and will be like an extra piece of junk kept in your living room.

Then the final option is to have the TV wall mounted. But does that mean you do not need a TV unit? Yes you still do need something under the wall mounted TV as the space will be wasted and the area will look very empty. You will need a TV unit to store you Disks and then you have the DVD player, Gaming Console and Music System that can be placed beneath. Since the TV now is wall mounted, you have more space to keep more thing on the platform.

I hope I was able to help you overcome your confusion on selecting the TV unit that you should buy.

Buy Electronics Online with Coupons and Discount Deals

electronic-shopping-couponBefore providing Guidelines for Buying Electronics Online with Coupons and Discount deals, it is better to describe the terms and their significance in marketing.

What are Online Coupons and discount Deals?

A coupon is like a ticket or a document that can be produced to get monetary discounts while purchasing a certain product or service. These are tickets for getting a rebate in case of online shopping. Manufacturers of consumer goods as well as retailers often issue Coupons through emails, by post, through internet social media or newsletters, via print media, telemarketing and in many other ways. Coupons can target overall cost conscious customers or a regional market having great price completion. Its helpful in estimating price sensitivity of various groups of buyers.

Online Coupons are referred as “Coupon Codes”, “Promo Codes”, “Discount Codes”, “Discount Deals”,  and so on. Internet coupons generally offer price discount and free shipping, a certain dollar or percentage of rebate and similar other deals to inspire consumers to buy some specific products online or from particular retailers like Best Buy can be found at Ibotdis.com. Paper coupons are costly and time taking to distribute as well as to redeem. But online coupons are ‘secret codes’ that are distributed among consumers for typing in during checkout. Marketers may use different codes for separate channels or groups to monitor response rates.

Guide to Buying Electronics Online with Coupons:

According to a poll conducted by Consumer Reports, there are many online retailers who offer a wider range of Electronic products like TV, laptop and digital camera at a better price than they offer in their physical retail outlets. Here are some guidelines to help you with Online Purchase of Electronic goods:

  • Taking chances of Shopping Bots: Follow the updated online database and Promo Codes for latest price of a product by different brands from different websites to compare and find the best Discount Deals. Search in Bizrate.com, DealTime, Shopping.com, Froogle, MySimon and Yahoo.com.
  • Confirm the Postal Address of the Trader: Many fraudulent virtual stores are emerging daily in the web world to cheat you. The Federal Trade Commission recommends tracking of the physical address and contact number of the store, so that you can find the retailers in case of problem with the product. Never give inputs to the emails or pop-ups asking for your bank details and personal data.
  • Read the Company’s Privacy Policy: Before placing order you must read and understand the company’s privacy policy.
  • Pay through Credit Card: Credit Cards are protected by Credit Billing Act that enable you to withhold payment in case of any doubt.

Know the Shipping Charges and Return Policy: Notice whether the shipping charges are applicable to the product or not and if you need to pay the shipping charge in case you return the product. Availing a Coupon may end up in higher cost if the shipping charge is to be paid in addition. Products with free delivery often offer a better deal.