Exclusive Offers from Sears – $15 to $60 Savings

Exclusive Offers from Sears – $15 to $60 Savings

Below are some of the latest and updated exclusive deals and offers from Sears.com listed under the ibotdis.com website.

– EXTRA $35 off on Grills purchase of $300 or more

– EXTRA $50 off an Appliance purchase of $499 or more

– Exclusive Savings! EXTRA $5 off Sears.com orders of $50 or more

– Spring Fever? EXTRA $20 off $200 spent in Outdoor Living, Outdoor Play or Lawn & Garden

– Buy Any Mattress, Get EXTRA 10% off purchase of specialty Pillows or a Bed Frame

– Buy One, Get One EXTRA 10% off Recliners already 50% off when you buy one at 50% off

– EXTRA 15% off Baby Basics, Decor, Health & Safety, Bedding and Diapering items code BABY

– EXTRA 15% off Gifts for Mom in Clothing, Accessories & Fine Jewelry already priced up to 50% off

Some offers are active and some are nearing its validity period. Hurry and make use of a Sears coupon code and avail of the instant discount offers and enhance your savings.

How to make your kitchen environment friendly and greener.

Homeowners are interested in making the kitchen good looking, appealing and eco-friendly. This task may be accomplished when you take care of your cooking habits and product selection. Market will offer you plenty of kitchen appliances and designing aspects that will be much friendly to the environment. We will discuss here some of the top ways to make your kitchen environment friendly so that it looks green and awesome.

Appliances upgradation

Since consumers are taking deep interest in the kitchen appliances that are power saving and energy efficient; market will also offer you innovative appliances. It is the need of the hour to save more and more energy and you can start the process right from the kitchen. There are different appliances and electrical products that are commonly used in our kitchen such as dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and many more things of latest use. You should certainly look for the best quality products so that you can boast of maximum durability. If the appliances will run for a longer period of time, they will not be disposed off quickly.

Make green cabinet and flooring an obvious choice for kitchen

Renovating the kitchen in an eco-friendly manner is really an easy task today. Market is full of green flooring materials that will make it look elegant. Renewable materials can be frequently used in your kitchen to remodel it. Cabinetry and flooring can be achieved with bamboo which is greatly aesthetic and lightweight. Recycled timbers may also be utilized efficiently.

Do away with toxic cleaners and keep kitchen green

If you want your kitchen to be eco-friendly, and healthy for your family; you should surely avoid the use of toxic cleaners. You will find several kitchen cleaning products and sanitizers that will keep the place greener. You are also free to use some garden or lawn products, leaves and roots to clean the kitchen. Most of the homeowners treat the combination of vinegar and baking soda fit to clean the kitchen platforms and cooking setup.

Fill kitchen will natural light sources

You should never try to light up more and more bulbs in your kitchen for ensuring better visibility. In fact, this can be better ensured by kitchen designers that can let the natural light in and brighten your cooking space. Cooking platform should be placed in the kitchen at such a spot that it receives maximum natural light. This will be the basic concept of greener kitchen.

Go for recycling kitchen materials

When we buy new things and bring them to our kitchen, we cannot dispose of everything in the dustbin. Many countries have started to provide recycling stations so that you can put the renewable waste materials in the specific compartment owing to their specifications. You can bring paper, plastic and glass kitchen wastes to make it more green and clean.

Rethink meal plans

You should revise your meal planning in an efficient way so that more energy savings can be achieved in your kitchen. If you eat meat or roasted vegetables cooked in an oven, you should also not neglect the importance of salads and sandwiches that will not require any heat or electricity.

Get the latest Plasma Full HD 3D HDTV at sears.com

The Panasonic 55” Class VIERA ST30 Series Plasma Full HD 3D HDTV is up for sale on sears.com at an amazing 37.5% discount. The original price of $1599.99 is down to $999.88 only, giving you the chance to save $600 on your purchase.  Enjoy true-to-life 3D images with the Full HD Frame Sequential technology brought to you by Panasonic. With a maximum resolution of 19200 x 18 pixels, it flashes images at an ultra-high speed of 120 fps. Images flash alternatively for each of the eyes through active shutter glasses which open and close the respective lenses in perfect sync, creating stunning visuals.

The award winning revolutionary VIERA technology delivers a completely immersive visual experience, while the infinite black II panel makes for deep blacks while reducing reflection of bright and vivid images. Equipped with Wi-Fi, it lets you access music, movies, online applications and loads more. For all the power packed features it comes with, the price is pretty reasonable. Add to it the amazing savings offer and you have a deal that is just too good to let go of. Purchase the Panasonic 55” Class VIERA ST30 Series Plasma Full HD 3D HDTV from sears.com while the offer lasts.