Great discounts on Otterbox iPhone 4S at

The Otterbox iPhone 4S Defender Series Case – Black (APL2-I4SUN-20-E4OTRA) is up for sale on at an amazing 40% discount. The original price of $49.95 is down to $29.99 only, giving you the chance to save about $20 on your purchase. When you are the owner of something as useful and beautiful as an iPhone, you need to protect it. And this case is just perfect for the job. Designed specifically for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, this rugged case offers heavy duty protection in the worst of environments. Protect your iPhone from scratches as well as dust, besides serious damages.

Part of the Defender Series, this case features three protective layers to keep your baby perfectly safe. And you can easily interact with all the functions of the device without any inconvenience. The superior quality polycarbonate shell, the durable silicone skin and the protective screen membrane provide an incredibly effective guard against all kinds of damage. This product is amazing value for money, considering the quality it has to offer for such a reasonable price. Add to it the attractive savings offer and you get a deal that is simply too good to let go of.