Ninja BL771 Blender & Food Processor, Mega Kitchen System

The blender and food processor from the trusted house of Ninja has made my life a lot easier in many ways. As a working woman, I used to be all the time worried for my kids who have had developed a habit of saying a big no to whatever food I would prepare for them. It was the same story in the rush of the morning or the supper at night. My kids who are active in sports were suddenly looking malnourished and I was having sleepless nights due to this problem. I shared the fixation with one of my friends at work. She related similar crisis at her home until she got Ninja blender and food processor. She convinced me about the features of this imported product. I took a mental note of it and rang the people at Macy’s to book an order for the Ninja food processor. The order reached within 2 days. While I was skeptical while beginning to operate the system, it was my kids who were super excited and were reading out the manual aloud. I followed the instructions provided therein and used the processor to make salsa at home. I served it to my kids who kept asking for more. I have never known my kids to be this hungry.

The 3-cup mini bowl, 72-ounce pitcher and 8-cup food processor bowl that comes along with the food processor makes cooking a child’s play. Never knew that kneading dough is so effortless, all thanks to this food processor kneading up to 2 pounds of dough at one time. My family and friends have grown fond of my cookies. And what to say about that perfectly whisked protein shakes and yes ice cream, my personal favorites.

The food processor is well designed and its shape lets me handle it the way I like and the results are marvelous. This Ninja blender and Food processor have helped me in a lot of ways, considerably cutting down on the meal preparation time, hours I tell you; I would normally spend in the kitchen. Now this awesome machine minces, blends, emulsify and kneads for me. Where earlier I never got the perfect consistency of the blend, now it comes right with the high powered food processor. Moreover the 72-ounce pitcher is a plus. The product comes with a warrantee of 1-year but let me tell me tell you; I never faced any issues with this product over the last 1 and half years that I have been using it. The cutting discs and blades are quite durable and work perfectly.

The best part is that I don’t have to do the scrubbing of the food processor after use, which is the clumsiest part. The food processor is dishwasher safe. I swear by this product and have ordered one to give away as a gift to one of my cousins. Thanks Ninja, my kids are once again a healthy and beaming lot. If you a looking forward to buy one of these, then Macys is the store to purchase it from. Use a Macys promo code at checkout for huge savings on your purchases.

Ferrecci men’s White Zoot Suit

Ferrecci Men’s white suit with a unique six button closure adds to my personality. I swear to own a cupboard full of formal suits and ties. The moment I catch a glimpse of the men’s suite, it seems to be fine, but once the shipment reaches me, it doesn’t amuse me in the least to see the hole of the arm sagging or the buttons poorly sewn and hanging off the fabric.

One day while I was surfing the internet, I came across a super cool looking men’s White Zoot Suit from Ferrecci. However, my previous experience with the men’s suits overshadowed the thought of buying this white suit and I kept gawking at the computer screen for a longer period of time. At that moment, a friend arrived and saw me keenly watching the suit. As expected, his first reaction was ‘this is amazing stuff’. As someone, who keeps himself updated with what’s hot and what’s not, his taste in fashion is what we all in the office look really up to. He suggested that I shouldn’t wait anymore and order the suit in the picture. I obeyed his command and hit the order tab. The white color of the suit had something about it that kept me pacing up and down till the suit arrived in two days. It held importance to a person like me who has never known anything outside the shades of blue, black and gray.

The fabric of the suit is 65% polyester and 35% rayon. The fully lined coat comes with a sweat guard to keep you refreshed throughout the day. Every time I wear this suit, the pleats of the trousers amaze me the most. Unlike my other suits, pleats of these pants don’t get worn off easily nor do they look untidy. The chest pocket adds a dash of ‘debonair air’ whenever I put a pocket square in it and so do the twin front pockets that come with the flap closure.

I visited my mother’s in this two piece suit, on the occasion of Thanksgiving and guess what. She said that she always dreamt of seeing me looking like a prince. Coming from my mother, this simple compliment means a lot me. Thanks to the fashion house of Ferrecci, to have tailored this suit to fit me perfectly and also fit every occasion. The 36- inch jacket falls perfectly on the pleated trousers. I won’t recommend this suit to anyone, for the simple reason that I cannot stand others wearing the same suit as I because that would make this suit really common. One cannot help, but notice the features of this high quality garment.

The unhemmed trousers of the suit were easy to customize for that perfect fit. Now I can keep my utilities in the three interior pockets that don’t sag once you stow your utilities in them. The garment bag that comes free-of-cost with the Ferrecci Men’s suit ensures that my suit remains spick and span, even on the move. This exclusive suit is available at the website. When you purchase this suit, don’t forget to use theĀ free overstock code to avail of instant discount.

Bose – SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – White/Gray/Orange

No entertainment system is complete without a good sound output. In fact, having a good speaker is important because it complements the rest of the entertainment system. The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker II is one of the best speakers that allow you to enjoy full range sound across your entertainment devices. These speakers have a range of modern features that a promote seamless entertainment while adding a touch of class.

This mobile speaker allows you to connect to your entertainment devices wirelessly through the Bluetooth technology. This means that you can be able to stream your favorite music that you have stored in your android or apple mobile phone as well as your tablet among other devices. All you need to do in order to get started is ensure that the devices are paired. The other amazing feature of the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker II is that it delivers high quality full range sound. This speaker practically brings your music to life through the delivery of a full bodied and crisp clear audio performance.

The integrated bifold cover is also another great feature that this speaker boasts of as it offers protection to the speaker especially when it comes to transporting it. This bifold cover usually unfolds into a compact stand that props the speaker up during audio playback. This speaker is designed to work well in different environments so that you can either enjoy your music outdoors and even indoors without feeling constrained.

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker II is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is capable of running for up to eight hours for your wireless operation. In addition, there is an AC power supply that offers an alternative powering option. Since this speaker is intended for mobile usage, it comes with a drawstring carry bag that is convenient whenever you want to take the speaker. Besides the weight of 2.9 pounds, it has a height of 5.2 inches, a depth of 1.9 inches and a width of 9.6 inches. The white and gray design with patterned white grille along with an orange trimmed leather cover adds a stylish look.

Besides the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker II, other items that you will find in the package includes an AC power supply, the drawstring carry bag and an owner’s manual. You will also receive a year’s warranty for both the parts and labor. You can buy this speaker from Best Buy at a very low price using a Best Buy coupon code to avail of instant discount on your purchase.