Save Money and Time with a click

In the past two decades there have been some big debates on what is the best method of shopping? By this I mean; is online shopping better than physically going to stores?

Allow me to bring up this topic once again to just ask us, Hey, I still like going to the store and checking out for myself, or are you saying-hey! I think it’s time for a change?

So let’s begin with the same tradition of debatable criteria by outlining up two main sections of a debate by looking into the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping versus physical shopping.  These two principles may give the consumer a better insight of what they would like to stick to.
Physical shopping:

It is said, what you see is what you get when you are physically hopping in and out of stores.  You feel, smell and do all those things that you want to do to make sure you get what you want, and what you want often conveniently becomes an expensive buy. So you will eventually think of giving in to your desire, because you are physically and emotionally there and your heart takes over your mind when you see what you want is in front of you.

When one is physically shopping one has to keep in mind a few things like: Does the store have free parking zone, how far is the parking lot from the store?  This is because sometimes you might be pushing your trolley with your product slighting pointing out. At other times you might be pushing your trolley through a maze of cars parked close to each other and you would not like to dent anybody else’s cars in the quiet, as they all have CCTV installed for your safety and others.

If you live far from the city and you are just driving out to get a few products you need to think of the gas, toll and the traffic not to mention the “TIME” you lose. It is worse if you are handicapped or a workaholic and just want everything delivered at your door and don’t mind waiting for a few hours for your product to be delivered.

Online shopping:

On the other hand with the help of online shopping websites, shopping has become a savior for many.  For those who don’t have time to shop for hours looking for the right product or services, online shopping comes as a boon.  One does not have to stand in a queue or look for parking spaces and hurry before the store closes or miss out an important meeting.

In advantage you don’t have to waste all that time and money on petrol and traffic. Online shopping does not only give the consumer an upper hand by giving them a million reasons to check, compare, choose and even bargain for the best and lowest product prices.  It also gives the best coupon codes and deals at the lowest price thus saving you “MONEY”.  All in all, today online consumers are the ones who dictate the online market leaving online retailers to fight each other to get their best price out for consumers to come to them.

The benefits of online shopping are that the stores are on your fingertips, its open 24/7, no queue and you don’t have to pay in cash, and products can be delivered anywhere anytime. Plus you get extra points for using your credit or debit card online for purchases. Online shopping is quick, convenient and easy…as they say a click away!

What’s your take on shopping ?

Easy shopping to make your Christmas memorable

Christmas is about to come and like all years, the time for shopping is also coming this December. Definitely, every person around this world is excited about shopping this time or may be going somewhere for enjoying their vacations. So here we are to make your plans possible in some exciting manner and of course to make you very happy.

1.    Make plans for your Christmas: Just pick your notebook to record the plans whatever you are going to do in these days. Don’t forget to note the kind of music and the name of movies you are about to play at Christmas night. Make a list of guest names and most importantly write down the gifts you want to give to your buddies and relatives on the occasion. It will favor you to put the names in alphabetic order, so that the event goes easily. It will lead you to the person’s name and his gift or whatever you plan for them in a much easier way.

2.    Likes and hobbies of your guest: You have to write down each guest’s liking, such as their hobby. Make sure about what does your guest like to do during party time. And whenever you are in any doubt just try to keep them asking by texting or any other way. This will lead you to your all possible effort to make your dear ones happy.

3.    Other arrangements: Human wills never end as we all know. So make sure that you are all aware about your guest will or note from time to time adding their needs to their name box you have made. Be creative when you think about the event because it will make you a better host. Always think differently for different age groups. You cannot buy same gifts for elders as you are buying for your children. Also, arrange items that we don’t find easily or we can say different gifts can make all happy. Sewing, crafting, or gardening materials is suggested here.

4.    Arrangements for Santa: If you have children in your home you should arrange Santa (if it is affordable for you). Otherwise, if there is a child who loves to watch movies, it is better to gift him movie printed pajamas, arrange popcorn and cold drink, offer them movie tickets. Low cost and with a good print DVD is also a viable option to plan for them. This will cheer them and make this Christmas memorable.

Go hurry!! Start surfing the local market or online sites for all you need and buy. It’s all easy to shop if you make your list handy. Don’t purchase in bulk, take it all easy and calmly and decide the gift you all need to buy. And don’t ever forget about your health, take proper diet. Christmas is all about the festival of happiness so enjoy shopping and don’t ever take stress. Surely, this Christmas will make you and your dear ones happy and the occasion memorable like never before.

How do you shop for Christmas ?

How to get video game consoles through earning points and network cards.

Internet has really revolutionized our life at large and you will find several types of gaming consoles on the web. Today, consoles supplier is well aware of the fact that people, especially of the younger generation cannot live without the gaming platforms. Gamers provide you with millions of options for not only playing the specific game rather also for making a responsive touch to the whole gaming world. Yes, the gaming persons learn to interact with the latest gaming environment and also where to spend their precious earnings. Some of the game developers have launched gaming consoles for improving the popularity index of the company but this is not always the case with all the gamers. A few gamers and developers are still there that want to connect the people with other gaming enthusiasts so that everything is accomplished in a fine manner. People want to buy or download appropriate software from the internet which will need assistance from the other gaming enthusiasts.

There is no shadow of suspicion that each of the seventh generation consoles has different marketplace on the planet, owing to their specifications and target audience. PlayStation store is there for the Sony users and Wii gamers like to browse Shop Channel from Nintendo. At the same time, lovers of the Microsoft will like to go with the services of Xbox Live Marketplace. There are many things that are developed, distributed and promoted by these key console companies. You can truly find songs, themes, videos, system enhancements and entire games that are perfect for your needs.

In fact, people are so addicted to the free products and services that they hardly take note of the paid service. A gaming platform has the similar structure where some of the consoles will require you to pay in their specific currencies. When you visit some marketplace which is web based, you will be required to pay fees for the gaming console which you want to purchase or download. Different marketplaces have got distinct payment systems with different currencies in use. Depending on the developer, you will have to purchase Nintendo or Microsoft points online or offline to get eligible for purchasing the consoles. Getting those points is easier and you can buy them through your credit card or these points can also be redeemed via the gift vouchers. The vouchers and gift cards are available at the local shops and outlets.

But in case of PlayStation, you will have to go through a different payment system where you can only buy the service in your local currency. A wallet system is responsible for debiting purchases when you intend to buy any console and you are also free to add some funds through network cards, debit or credit card. This should be further noted here that you will have to purchase Microsoft points from the authentic and registered retailers. Internet deals may also challenge your purchasing skills with fraudulent or proxy behavior. You can win those gaming console points through contests organized by the developers and gamers. You can access reliable information through forums, blogs and gaming websites.