Go Bargain-shopping for Brand New Items at Overstock.com

Overstock values its customers and ensures that a part of their marketing plan is to include promotional code coupons all year round. If you’re looking for lower-priced items, Overstock is the place to go. Although it only has one outlet located in Utah, it ships to the entire United States for as low as $2.95 shipping rate. If you’re not yet sold, here are more reasons why Overstock coupons can be a valuable addition to your online bargain shopping.

  1. It’s a win-win shopping experience : Overstock has connections to some of the biggest retailers and manufacturers that use Overstock’s online store to liquidate their inventory quickly. It’s a win-win situation. You save your hard-earned money when using Overstock coupon code, then Overstock helps third-party suppliers reach more customers while earning in the process.
  2. Club O Membership Perks & Coupon-based discounts : Aside from the perks you receive for becoming a member of Overstock’s own ‘Club O,’ you can also add an Overstock promotional code to your order, which is available only for Club O members. These coupon codes can range from 5% rewards on any order, to free shipping regardless of total amount. In some occasions, Overstock gives its Club O members up to 20% off on their orders.
  3. New customer and return client blow out : Overstock acknowledges your loyalty as a customer by offering discounts to return clients and giving perks to its new customers. Various Overstock coupons are available specifically for new clients only, with a few money-saving deals offered to return clients. It truly is no wonder that their clients seem to be happy with their shopping experience… and that’s always a good sign.
  4. Plenty of Discounts all year-round : As if Overstock’s lower-than-the-market prices aren’t good enough, the company still offers plenty of discounts in the form of coupons. Fixed discounts prices are available from as low as $5 to as high as $100 per order, while percentage offs may range from 5% to up to 70% during clearance sales. No sale available at the store? That’s not a problem; you can find an Overstock promotional code with just a few clicks of the mouse, and without having to spend a cent.
  5. Brand new and refurbished products on their huge store : Overstock may not have physical branches around the country, but it does offer over 800,000 items at a time. They have furniture, home appliance, home maintenance equipment, electronics, clothing and accessories, jewelry, toys, books, movies, crafts items and many more. Most of them are branded items you can see at the mall, but Overstock also offers refurbished products sold at extremely low prices. Overstock’s inventory changes continuously and just keeps getting bigger every year.

Overstock has one of the best customer service reputations in the online store market. The company has even received awards for their excellent service with their Club O customers, which is pretty impressive considering this exclusive club only cost below $20 to join and has dozens of perks included. With all these reasons we’ve pointed out, the question remains: why aren’t you taking advantage of these money-saving deals?

How to Get the best Overstock.com deals on Home items

Furniture, home appliance, entertainment systems,home décor, home improvement equipment and other necessities for the home can add up to thousands of dollars. They’re a great investment because who doesn’t want to live in a well-maintained house packed with the furniture and appliance you’ve always dreamt of having?

Overstock already boasts one of the most competitive prices online, but if you could save some more money with your orders, wouldn’t you grab the opportunity? Here are several ways tosave money when shopping for home-related items on Overstock:

  • Look out for sitewide coupons – Overstock online coupons are available any time of the year, but sitewide discounts come rarely so make sure to watch of for these types of deals. Since you’ll be buying items for your home, which would probably cost $50 or up, the extra savings you’d get from using these coupons will come a long way. Stash those savings away and watch it multiply as you complete shopping for your home necessities, then use them up for something special, like that stand mixer you’d been dying to have.
  • Compare slashed-price coupons – In some instances where there are more than one Overstock promo code you could use, make sure to compare how much savings you could get for each of the coupons. It can be confusing to compute percentages against fixed prices, but once you’ve got the hang of it, one look and you’ll know which deal to choose.
  • Free shipping vs. cash discounts – Free shipping Overstock online coupons are always available any time of the year, but don’t get too excited to copy the code and use it. Sometimes, other coupons could give you more savings even if you have to shoulder the shipping fees. Always compare coupons, it would only take you a couple of minutes, but could potentially give you more discounts.
  • Up to 70% off during warehouse clearance – Like sitewide sales, warehouse clearance coupons are also much-anticipated. Some Overstock promo code coupons during warehouse clearance can give you as low as 5% discount, but there are gems that you can find that offer up to 70% off from your order. These types of coupons can be as specific to a brand or type of product, or as general as sitewide sales.
  • Coupons specific to Home Department – Of course, since you’re buying furniture and other items for your home, watch out for coupons specific to Overstock’s ‘For the Home,’ ‘Furniture,’ ‘Bed and Bath’ and ‘Electronics’ categories. It is best that you make a list of all the items you’ll need for your home, then indicate which Overstock categories they fall under, so when a coupon pops up, you can grab it and use it for your order.

Overstock coupons are everywhere for a reason – they give valuable savings to those who need it most. They can be used for free, and can be obtained with just a few clicks of the mouse. Make the most out of your online shopping with Overstock coupons, and remove the hassles of buying furniture, home equipment, electronics and other home necessities at the mall.

Types of Overstock.com Discount and Deals to Watch out

Overstock, as its name suggests, has the capacity and stock to offer different kinds of sales and plenty of coupon variations to please its customers. If you’re planning to shop at Overstock, it’s best that you be aware of the types of coupons to watch out for. Here’s the top 5 and reasons why you should keep an eye of these deals:

  1. Hot Sales of the Week – This type of Overstock discount code can be in a form of percentages or fixed price discounts. You can find these coupons every week, but there is no specific day of the week they are published. The products vary considerably, but they fall under the most current deals available at the store.
  2. Seasonal and holiday sale – You don’t have to wait for Boxing Day to get low-priced items at Overstock. Some Overstock coupons are specially created per season, or during holidays like Mother’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s, among others. Although they are valid for items appropriate for that specific holiday or season only, it’s still very useful if you have a tight budget.
  3. Warehouse clearance – Sometimes, Overstock holds warehouse clearances to give way for new products or to clear off overstocked items. Although some items may have limited quantities and there is no way to know in advance which items will be put up for the warehouse clearance, you could receive up to 50-70% in savings from those offered during clearance. If you’re lucky, you could even snag items from your favorite brands or big-sized items like furniture or home appliance.
  4. Slashed prices and percentage off discounts – These types of Overstock coupons are available at any time of the year. The prices discounted and percentages off from an item vary largely, from something as low as 5$ or 5%, to a deal as high as $50 or 75% off from your order. An Overstock discount code with specific price discount and percentage off details can be confusing at first, but the trick is to compare these deals carefully to get the best money-saving deal for your order.
  5. Department sale and sitewide deals– Likesales at your favorite malls, site-wide deals are very in-demand and much-awaited since everything on the store has discounted prices. Considering that Overstock already has one of the lowest prices around, you should take advantage of this kind of sale to bring more discounts to your order. Department-based sales are great too, but all the items in one category (such as bed and bath, electronics, or furniture) are the only ones with lower price tags.

Some Overstock coupons are in cooperation of certain brands, such as the launch of a much-anticipated computer game that offer posters and other items as freebies, or a way to sell older versions of a gadget when the release of a newer version is nearing. In some cases, an Overstock discount code has very specific details, so it is important to read them first before using at the official website. Nonetheless, all of these coupons from Overstock provide customers like you and me a way to save more money with every purchase, so take advantage of these deals whenever you shop.