Beware of Fake Printable Coupons is a website that provides online coupons that can be used at an online store. Being an online coupon provider we believe in couponing ethics and rules. We are against fraudulent coupons. Usage of any coupon that is not original and that does not cover the product for which its being used is Coupon Fraud and this can lead to imprisonment and fines. Below are some points that will help you to know which coupon is real and which one is a fake.

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Free Tech Support for Computer Glitches

Computer problems like virus attack or glitches are very common these days. When we see the blue screen of death, this will generally mean that it’s time for an expert service which can add up to an expense of $60 above an hour. But is it really necessary to take your computer to an expert and pay huge sums for their services or is there an alternative? Yes, there are numerous online websites with experts and gurus that give their valuable advice and suggestions for free.

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Brick or Click: When to store step and when to browse the web

Shopping online is the in vogue; thousands off artifacts just a click away and your product delivered to the doorstep. Online shopping has become a craze and rightly so, as its real time, saves you travelling time as all from the comfort of your couch. However, traditional purists have not got into the groove of online shopping and conventional style of physically visiting the stores, holding the artifact and then purchasing. Continue Reading

Saving Money with Twitter

Twitter, the social tool that was initially made to provide followers with latest updates and news has now become a tool of mass usage and a part of every activity of our daily lives. But the one real area where twitter can be used is to save money. Yes, you heard it right “Save Money”. Below are some ways that I would like to share with you where twitter can be used for saving money:

- Following the right users: Entertainment shows might be fun to follow and you will get to know all the updates, but will it help you save money? You need to follow coupon sites like @ibotdis and other like minded users that will post updated coupons and deals instead of celebrity news.

- Follow online stores twitter: Every online store has a Twitter account and this is where you will find the latest deals and offers that will be posted by the store. These deals are usually exclusive and the savings are good. Below are some reputed online store twitter accounts that should be followed:

@amazondeals: You will get daily discount deals posted by that are genuine. Being twitted by Amazon itself means that it is the best deal available for the day.

@BestBuy_Deals: is one of the largest online consumer electronics stores. You will get the latest offers and deals from Best Buy posted here. Don’t forget to look out for the limited time offers, as they are the best of the lot.

@TargetDeals: To get the latest deals from Target, follow their twitter account. You will find many one day offers that you should not miss.

Apart from the above, you can follow any online store twitter account and get special offers and deals posted by them.

- Aggregated Deals on Twitter: Look out for websites that will provide you all the twitter deals aggregated from most of the online stores. Though you can follows every store as discussed above, but an Aggregated Deals website will help you search for deals and make finding specific deals much easier for you. You can search for specific brand related deals by typing the keyword like “Toshiba” or search for a specific category of product like “Laptop”. The result is simply formatted page will the deals that you are looking for.

- Use twitter search engine: There can be nothing better than using the twitter search facility. For example, you can search for “laptop coupons” or “Best Buy deals“. The result will have all deals and offers, as per your requirements.

The above are some simple ways that I have used to use twitter and save money. I hope they will help you too.

Savings with Home Gym

In todays lifestyle, we need speed and accuracy in everything we do and this is where fitness plays a very important part. But is it necessary to join a gym? In fact, many of us are actually setting up a Home Gym, a one time investment that saves months and months of membership fee. Continue Reading

Rising fuel and traffic, making you un-cool, relax with “Carpool”

With the recent upshot of petrol and gas prices it has become extremely difficult for the common man to save money from their monthly budget and travel by their own car.  Carpooling is a continuous money saving process and can be beneficial for everyone. Be it children that go to school or the everyday office goers. Continue Reading

Microsoft Office – Alternatives for Free

Microsoft Office is a very famous office suite, but at the same times the cost purchasing one is very expensive. We might not realize, but when we buy a new computer with Windows and Office installed, a part of the computer cost is Microsoft Office. Continue Reading

Google Alerts: A tool to Save Money

There are numerous online tools available today that can be used to save money. All we need to know is how to find these tools. Today I will discuss about one such tool that I have been using for a long time and it was quite surprising for me to know that none of my friends know about it.

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Makeup tricks up your sleeve

When applying face makeup one should take into account a few factors. Makeup is not related to your age, but can be applied and used for all age groups. The trick is to apply it correctly and you can look and feel timeless. Wearing what is right and what you like can help you achieve your beauty goal. I always suggest my customer wearing the makeup that makes you feel absolutely comfortable. Continue Reading

Nutritional Supplements is Affordable

Nutritional supplements are one the most important requirement for good health. A good high quality nutritional supplements helps our body to build strong immune system by providing us with the nutritions that normal diets cannot provide. But due to the high cost of these high-quality nutritional supplements, many of us don’t buy them. Continue Reading